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Its like Moonpig but better. Original illustrations and cartoons by Oxted artist.

Mel Barren card 21 Again,  Budget Boob Job
Mel Barren card of 60th birthday funny Budget Boob Job
Mel Barren birthday card 21 Again Budget Boob Job!
Everyone Annoys Me except you. You're fucking amazing, Valentines ironic sarcastic card cartoon by Mel Barren
Sporty family with cockapoo dog, funny cartoon by Mel Barren

Original cartoons, illustrations, cards,  invitations and more...

Unique and personalised cartoons for every occasion

Original ideas for your friends or family, framed or unframed.

Give the gift of a unique hand drawn cartoon, signed by
the cartoonist and fresh from the drawing board.

Stuck for ideas? Let me do the thinking for you.

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Home: Commercial

Brilliant and funny illustrator, artist, line artist, ink artist, cartoonist comes up with funny, quirky and original ideas. Mel Barren, artist and illustrator, ink art, line art for children's books. Mel Barren creates wonderful and imaginative children's picture book illustrations for children's book authors and publishers. Mel Barren draws clever and funny business illustrations and cartoons for websites, brochures and presentations and adverts and advertising campaigns. Mel Barren creates original and funny Christmas cards and leaflets. Mel Barren has rave five star reviews and a loyal following. 

Commercial Illustrations


For books, web and print

Digital: Business illustrations for websites, team profiles, icons and favicons, social media posts, presentations and campaigns.
For Print: Children's books, brochures, infographs, handbooks, adult books, personalised business cards, company Christmas cards, leaflets.

Business success cartoon signpost
Slug and Prize Lettuce cartoon
Christmas Santa's elves carrying turkey lunch
Flexible_Working cartoon funny illustration girl on laptop
Kiwi bird New Zealand kiwi bird crying b
Rob's Fantastic Fibs pg9.jpeg
MODERN_WORKING Dessert Island.jpeg
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Mel Barren's Gallery

Find inspiration in the random
'head spaghetti' and cartoon commissions.

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Cartoon of Mel Barren drawing spaghetti at an easel
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We can work together remotely online from wherever you are in the world, or if you prefer face to face, let's meet?  I work in Oxted, London, Surrey and surrounding areas: Westerham, Woldingham, Sevenoaks, Warlingham, Caterham, Kent.

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