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Websites & Landing Pages

Refreshingly Individual.

Your website represents more than just sales.

Your product, brand, ethos and uniqueness are on show to the world. Every colour, font, copywriting, content and CTAs all count.


You have just one chance to make an impactful first impression.


From a 'starter' one-page website to give you a digital presence, all the way through to multi-page e-commerce sites, when you are bold enough to display the true personality of your business, the rest will flow.

Re-brand, Multi Page Site + Bookings page

Meet Carol. She has an established business offering life coaching, mindfulness-meditation workshops and angel readings. Carol wanted an entirely new digital strategy: rebranding, new logo, new responsive web and mobile site, new looks for social media, a blog site, email and SEO strategy. As part of the re-brand, we positioned her well away from her traditionally 'ethereal and heavenly' competition. 

The result is a seamless and cohesive digital presence across mobile, web and social media that is modern and fresh. This beautiful website sits at the core of her digital strategy. The balance was to modernise without alienating her existing loyal client base and followers. 

To date, feedback is extraordinarily positive, reflected in a digital footprint and ROI that is on an impressive upwards trajectory.

eg: mindful

5 Page Website, Design, Build + Copywriting

Meet Mr T. He's owned his manufacturing business for 30 years. Lately, he has developed a reputation for innovative workmanship among his more 'niche' clients in the arts and film industry. To capitalise and grow that side of the business, we decided on a whole new online approach. The result is a website unlike any of his competition, positioning him away from the price-driven overseas mass-producers.

This confident new-look site still serves his long established core client base, but it's freshness and modernity is clearly aligned to be attractive to clients in the creative sectors.


And it's cool. Like Mr T.

eg: thompsons

Impactful Budget 2 Page Website

Meet D. He is a serial tech entrepreneur. In the spirit of the tech philosophy of getting things out there super-fast, I designed, wrote the copy and built this website in 2 days to a tight budget.


It is a seamless vertical site with just 2 pages. The Home Page is divided into clear sections with plenty of Call-to-Action buttons which didn't look too 'salesy'.

His international social media strategy involves 24/7 multiple posts, all driving towards the website.

This is a website for busy people. The brief was that it needed to be:


Impactful. Clean. Effective. Intuitive (to use) On-point.


So far, so good. D is delighted. 

example Dermot

Budget 4 page website for a new business

Meet Ms D. One word defines her new business: TRUST. We created the website with that word in mind at every step.


Ms D offers secure chaperoning for foster children to meet with their birth families. Her online presence must be professional and reassuringly trustworthy for clients, families, government agencies and social services. 

I built a cost effective, responsive 4 page website. The objective is to inform about Ms D's unique service and provide a clear route to contacting her. The design feels slightly 'corporate', yet familiar and warm. The layout is concise, clear and unfussy. Nothing flashy. Nothing shouty. Just right.

eg Mandy

E-commerce dual purpose website for an artist and web designer

Meet Mel. That's me. I built this website.


(For the record, I hate it when I am both the client and the designer. When I'm the client, I am a total pain in the arse). 

My brief (to myself) was for a slick website reflective of my personality, my very particular design and artistic style and exemplary digital skills.

  • Navigation around the website should be fluid and intuitive, with a minimum amount of pages.

  • The website must provide a digital repository for artwork and projects.

  • The website must support a comprehensive SEO and new client acquisition strategy. 

The 'client' insisted on merging e-commerce cartoons, copywriting and web design into one website. "Ridiculous!" said the designer. Yeah, whatever. The client was unwavering because creative design comes in many guises and crosses many boundaries. The designer buckled, got right under the skin of the client's business goals and rose to the challenge. The result is a website 'merger' offering cartoons content and web development.

3 ideals emerged  


A strong sense of design and brand is rooted in artistic creativity.

The pen and the pixel are equally relevant.

The client is always an absolute GOD.

eg Mels website

We can work together online or remotely, or if you prefer face to face, let's meet?
I work in Oxted, Surrey and surrounding areas: Westerham, Woldingham, Sevenoaks, Warlingham, Caterham, Croydon, Surrey & London.

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