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Mel Barren's
Head Spaghetti & Gallery

This is head spaghetti - a jumble of creative ideas that spill from the mind and onto paper.

These are cartoons created as commissions for wonderful clients, or for my own amusement, and sometimes as gifts for friends and family. They are usually grateful enough to keep them ... in an old shoebox at the back of a wardrobe. Nice.

You might see ideas that could be adapted as a gift for your nearest and dearest. I'll 'put them in the picture'. Contact me and we can talk through ideas for a commissioned cartoon and I'll give you a quote. 


Otherwise, please browse in the hope you may at least crack a smile.

Walking the dogs, daschund, spring spaniel, cocker spaniel, cartoon by Mel Barren
Gary Bristow Birthday June2018.jpeg
An original Mel Barren cartoon for a 22nd birthday
Custom cartoon of a burlesque-style woman in glass of champagne
An original Mel Barren cartoon of a pole dancing Grandma
An original Mel Barren cartoon commissioned by a familiy of 7
It's called fashion, middle age man fashion cartoon humour
A Mel Barren cartoon for 18th birthday
Mel Barren original happy birthday cartoon card of British bulldog, girl and dad
Hokey Cokey yoga moves, an original Mel Barren cartoon, humour
Original Mel Barren cartoon 50th birthday nutty fruit cake
Original Mel Barren cartoon cycling lycra legend birthday humour
An original Mel Barren Simon Pantshead underpants cartoon humour
Simon Pantshead discovers Cheesus, I am the whey, an original cartoon humour by Mel Barren
Original cartoon humour by Mel Barren, Simon Pantshead throwing rocks at cards
An original Mel Barren cartoon, Simon Pantshead does Chinese Pole, cartoon humour
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Meanwhile, it's
Random Cartoon Time

Mel Barren MODERN WORKING, Laugh now but one day we'll be in charge, with apologies to Banksy
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