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Special Kind Of Nut

Perfect for the 'different' one in your life.


10" x 8". Unframed and folded as a greeting card on heavywieght art paper, or choose a black or white frame. Signed by the artist.

Special Kind Of Nut

10" x 8"
  • It's easy. You fill in a little bit about the person you want in the cartoon, tell me their name and upload some photos of them. You'll be prompted to this when you're placing your order.


    I will send you a unique, one of a kind cartoon on heavyweight art paper.


    Unframed, it comes folded in a greeting card format with a quality envelope. You can write what you like on the inside.


    Framed, it comes in a contemporary square black or white wooden frame.


    Your original Mel Barren drawing, framed or unframed comes with a Certificate Of Authenticity.


    Things to consider: This is a cartoon with 'dots for eyes' and is a rough representation of your most beloved family member or friend! I will do my best to make sure their weight, hair colour and general demeanor are captured, but this is not a Rembrandt! I do recommend that the person's name is on the front of the card if possible.

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